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The age in which we live requires constant investment in development in order to remain competitive in the market.

Behind us is a long-standing experience in solving the most complex problems in different industries and proposing advanced solutions that can be quickly and easily implemented in business processes.

Our team of researchers and engineers is composed of profiles of different professions. This diversity enables the problem to be looked at from different perspectives and approaches to solving it using team synergy.

Apart from knowledge and engineering skills, communication and flexibility within the team as well as with the client team are one of our greatest qualities.

Product development

Whether we start a new project or take over the development of an existing solution, we always use new methodologies and paradigms in programming.

Our focus is on delivering high-performance digital products built for scalability and growth.

Fields of expertise:

  • Web and mobile application development
  • Artificial Intelligence implementation
  • Neural network systems
  • Blockchain-based solutions
  • Data harvesting, processing and visualization
  • eMedia services and product design

Technical consulting

Our software consulting services can work with you from idea to design, testing, and production. Or we can only help you meet a challenge or to achieve a project benchmark. We'll take an approach designed to get the best results for you. And we'll be there for you later when you're ready to move on to next stage.

We can assign a single, expert consultant-developer or well-rounded team to deliver your project on time and to specification.

We offer custom systems design and software engineering consultants to industrial, corporate, NGO and scientific clients. Our strong portfolio includes web and mobile systems, data acquisition and analysis, instrument control, industrial and manufacturing applications, and more.

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