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TYPO3 Expertise

TYPO3 is one the key CMS used at PEAK Sourcing and we establish client dedicated development teams with TYPO3 expertise.

Our TYPO3 team experts are involved in the following domains : 

  • TYPO3 installation and configuration
  • TYPO3 system maintenance and upgrade
  • Template development
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Template integration Fluid/Templavoila
  • Typoscript
  • Extension development Pibase/Extbase
  • Extension maintenance, configuration and upgrade
  • Performance optimisation
  • Advanced search engine integration - Solr/ke_search
  • Bugfixing and general maintenance
  • Integration of third party API's
  • Magento integration
  • Alfresco integration
  • Piwik integration
  • SEO services
  • Custom analytics report